R & D

World top class medical equipment brand developed with know-how of long period of time

R & D Status

DAESUNG MAREF Biomedical Research Institute
was established with the goal of localizing medical devices to improve the quality of patients' lives.

The Institute of Biomedical Engineering conducts research on multiple medical devices beyond rehabilitation therapy. Based on this, we have established infrastructure capable of responding to various medical fields, and are researching and developing comprehensive healthcare medical devices such as medical care, rehabilitation, home care, sports and rehabilitation.

  • Academic Team

    Maintenance of R & D laboratories and management of business performance through national project management
  • Hardware Team (H/W)

    Operation of certification test support according to world standard quality through hardware design and development
  • Firmware team

    Operation of certification test support according to world standard quality through firmware design and development
  • Organization Team

    Tool design and sleeve design development, product and UI design research and progress
  • Certification Team

    Various technical documents and development documents creation management and certification test support


2008 ~ 2013

  • Feb, 2008 Established R & D Center
  • Jul, 2008 Developed the 8 stage limb compression circulation equipment
  • Aug, 2008 Developed venous blood prevention equipment, DVT-3000
  • October, 2008 Developed pneumatic tourniquet, DTS-2000S
  • May, 2009 Developed Portable Venous Blood Prevention System for Hospital, MK-100
  • December 2009 Patent of air pressure regulating valve
  • June, 2010 Conducted small and medium business technical development support project by Small and Medium Business Administration together with Dongguk University
  • June, 2011 Conducted dissemination project of Ministry of Knowledge Economy's Component Material Reliability Based Technology together with Korea Institute of Machinery & Electric Electronic Test
  • November, 2011 Conducted Small and Medium Business Administration's clinical comparison of medical devices and performance evaluation support project together with Seoul Boramae Hospital
  • November, 2011 Executed Ministry of Knowledge Economy's design consulting business
  • May 2012 Conducted Ministry of Health and Welfare's Healthcare and R & D Project together with Korea University Guro Hospital
  • July 2013 Development of Smart Pneumatic Tourniquet for purpose of operation, DTS-3000
  • August 2013 Performed the core medical device development project for Ministry of Knowledge Economy's technology innovation industry together with National Cancer Center

2014 ~ 2017

  • March, 2014 Developed high frequency treatment device, IW-2000
  • June, 2014 Developed 6 stage limb compression circulation equipment, MK-300L, MK-400L
  • December 2014 InnoBiz Certification
  • March, 2015 Conducted the project to support medical institution, user of new product of domestic medical devices by Ministry of Health and Welfare together with Seoul National University Hospital
  • August, 2015 Conducted industrial technology innovation project, supporting task of high-tech medical device development support center together with Osong high-tech medical device development support center
  • Feb, 2016 Developed Lymphoma Treatment Equipment, LF-400
  • April, 2016 Conducted the 2nd Health and Medical Technology R & D Project by Ministry of Health and Welfare together with Seoul National University Hospital
  • May, 2016 Developed Portable DVT Prevention System, DVT-PRO
  • May, 2016 Developed Pneumatic Joint Rehabilitation Therapy Machine, RL-500
  • April, 2017 DTS-2800 Japanese certification acquired
  • July, 2017 Developed the Next Generation Venous Blood Prevention Device, DVT-4000S
  • October 2017 Cryotherapy Device patented