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[KIMES 2018 Preview] DS MAREF to Show a New Product of the Sports Recovery Line

2019. 07. 19




 [KIMES 2018 Preview] DS MAREF to Show
a New Product of the Sports Recovery Line




DS MAREF pioneered a paradise of new concept in the sports recovery market.DS MAREF newly will present a new product of the sports recovery line in 2018 KIMES.

The new product lineup of DS MAREF has become a conversation topic who has led the market with pneumatic phlebothrombosis prevention device and smart pneumatic tourniquet and spread Korean technology with the exportation to 72 overseas countries.

Medical technology of cold therapy and pain therapy has been developed and diversified out of the worldwide sports fever.


However, mainly used current foreign made pain treatment equipment is either a big size or it is only applicable for cold treatment or it is inconvenient to use it as it needs separate ice water. So that it has been a public opinion that even though there exist much needs, there is no product to support customers' needs as it is inconvenient for users and there are many restrictions to use.

CTC7 of DS MAREF is the product that has supplemented such disadvantages. CTC7 with multifunction of cold, warm and air pressure is more excellent for edema relief and pain therapy through the engraftment of the cold & warm treatment of general equipment with long years of pneumatic technology by DS MAREF. Warm therapy is used mainly for chronic pain and cold therapy for acute pain or swelling. The air pressure attaches to the skin to help the treatment be done effectively and quickly.


Air fills the part where pad cannot fill uniformly according to the body structure and quickly settles the pad on the skin. Water flows while adjusting to the optimum speed according to the temperature of inner storage tank. Through such process, the temperature will quickly reach within the desired temperature. The temperature can be set as 6~10℃ in case of using cold therapy and 40.5℃ in case of using warm therapy. The pressure can be set between 0 and 50mmHg. If the air pressure is not needed, it is available to skip and operate.


Distilled water or easily obtainable tap water can be used for the water that enters inside. As a water discharge function that exchanges water is also mounted, it is surely a smart medical equipment that has even considered the sanitation.

On the back side of CTC7, a bed hanger is designed so that it is easy for long-term inpatients who suffer swelling and pain at once after the surgery. Also, with compact size and portable design, it has given a convenience of use for users.

Pads that are used by connecting equipment consist of a shoulder pad available to be used for left and right shoulders, a multi-pad available to be used for several parts such as ankle, thigh and wrist, and a knee pad designed for knee and elbow, and a waist pad. Using a Velcro of the pad, it is possible for anyone to use pads conveniently regardless of the body size, but also it has been developed by a human body engineering design to prevent the stiffness on the body or

Currently, we are in preparation of a clinical test through long development period. It is scheduled to release CTC7 in Korea during the second half of year 2018.

It will be available for experience and consultation during upcoming KIMES Exhibition. We have been told by the person in charge that CTC7 has attracted a great attention as much as we have already received preorders through overseas agency.

In the future, DS MAREF will grow to a general manufacturer of medical equipment to expect the remarkable performances that will widely spread the advanced medical technology of Korea.

Meanwhile, KIMES 2018 is the biggest international medical and hospital equipment exhibition of Korea. KIMES sets the stage for introduction of latest tools and technology that may aid in the healthcare industry etc. in the Hospitals and Medical Equipments industry.