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Enabling Smooth Circulation of Blood and Lymph through Air Pressure

2019. 07. 19



Enabling Smooth Circulation of Blood and
Lymph through Air Pressure


'DS Maref shows a circulatory device for blood and lymph in COEX KIMES 2019'


Producing devices for rehabilitation and alleviating pain through air pressure,
DS Maref rehearses and introduces various products through attending KIMES 2019.


DS Maref, which develops medical devices using air pressure, introduced different types of medical devices for orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation at the 35th International Medical Equipment & Hospital Equipment Exhibition (KIMES 2019) that runs Mar. 14-17 in COEX.

Unlike other medical constrictors that can cause injury due to excessive force, devices of DS Maref are not only safe and soft for use but it also helps in the circulation of stagnant blood and lymph through complete contact pressure. Especially, when a breast cancer patient suffers a lymphoedema after surgery, air pressure can be used instead of compression bandage because it is a device that can naturally lead the circulation of the body fluids through air pressure without discomfort. Based on the direction of air pressure being infused, the blood and lymph circulate sequentially.

Products of DS Maref applied with air pressure-based rehabilitation mechanism which enables smooth and complete pressure.


Products based on this principle are DVT-300, which is a phlebothrombosis prevention system, DVT-PRO, DTS-3000, and Lympha-flow (LF400).

CTC7, which can process cold and warm pressure through a small quantity of distilled water, is also a product of DS Maref. The existing products had the inconvenience of having to constantly change the ice, but CTC7 is a product that has maximally enhanced the convenience of the patient and custodian because it has a similar function of the instant heater.

Joong-Hyun Lee, vice president of DS Maref, said: "By diversifying the air pressure applied medical devices, we are going to continue researching and developing to help patients with various diseases by overcoming the problems face in today's reality of surgery and rehabilitation which are limited to certain medical devices."


Booth of DS Maref in COEX KIMES held from Mar 14 to 17.

KIMES is Korea's largest medical equipment and hospital facility show that has been steadily growing since the first show in 1980 with the development of Korean medical industry. Currently, Korea's medical industry has transformed into a technology-intensive, high-tech industry with medical information system, ultrasound scanners, medical imaging equipment, robotic medical care, AI, and rehabilitation medicine. KIMES has become a world-class medical show as it contributed to the advancement of Korean medical industry. The exhibitors will showcase new technologies and new products in the medical industry like advanced hospital facilities, medical information systems integrated with IT technology, and automobile industry for quick patient transportation.