World top class medical equipment brand developed with know-how of long period of time

CEO Message

To be a company that contributes for the improvement of health of the whole people in the world with the technology of medical equipment beyond 80 countries..

Hello. My name is Lee Jae-Hwa, president of DS MAREF.

Starting with Daesung Machinery Trading in 1986, we have grown and developed as a representative pneumatic medical equipment manufacturer in Korea today overcoming lots of difficulties with the calling of improving the health for human beings. Most of all, the whole executives and employees of DS MAREF has constantly worked for the health of people rather than the company’s profit and to be born again as a medical equipment manufacturer globally rather than staying in the domestic market.

As the result, we keep the pace with famous global companies as a representative pneumatic medical equipment manufacturer in Korea recognized our technology of DVT prevention equipment chosen as the world best item in 2004 and exporting to about 80 countries. In addition, the whole workers work hard to realize the customer impression through securing the perfect quality. We grow as a brand which everybody in the world can trust and use safely by strengthening our technology based on the strict medical equipment quality standard and certifications around the world.

To reward for the interest and love from people who trust and use DS MAREF until now, we prepare for another 100 years in the future. We will grow as a medical equipment manufacturer which represents Korea prioritizing the value of life continuously.

Thank you.

Brand Story

10 years

Our time to study the ways that have been covered

50 conturies

Quality Certified Worldwide Export

1000 hours

Pre - factory performance testing for complete products

Happiness&Health, Life
Doctor Life has been a life partner and sometimes a contributor to our life, and has kept our lives healthy for the last 30 years.
We are confident that we are at the cutting edge of the day with countless medical devices.
What we provide is not merely a medical device, but the happiness and health of all mankind.
With more value than just the air you need, Doctor Life will always be with your life.
Original Technologies
Since its founding in 1986, Daesung MAREF has developed various product lines as well as quality innovation through steady product development.
We develop and manufacture a wide range of products, from surgery assistive devices, physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices for the purpose of life extension and prevention to diseases to medical devices usable in daily life, such as beauty devices and home care devices that are close to our daily lives.
We stand side by side with the leaders of the world.
Our unique march of original pneumatic technology continues under our mission of improving human health and happiness.
Challege to the World
We have grown from a small medical device company in Korea to a trustworthy brand that is now looking ahead to Daesong MAREF.
In the early 1980s, Korea's medical technology was a small place where our pneumatic technology could not stand still.
But we did not give up and knocked on the world market. If only 5 minutes was given, we came to visit anywhere and let them know about us.
We went to exhibitions in over 40 countries around the world and informed them of Doctor Life until we were thirsty.
With this constant challenge, Korea's leading pneumatic technology has become a world-recognized brand.


Challenge to the World

A company that promotes the health and happiness of all mankind
  • How can we do that?

  • To be healthier,

  • More safely,

  • Can Treat Patients Faster?

We study human health all over the world.

Leading provider of medical devices


 눈은 세계로! 생각은 미래로! 앞서가는 기술로! 목표는 높게! 세계일류 품질로! 항상 새롭게!


Current ~ 1986

2017 KIMES

    2018 ~ 2011

    • 2018Selected as Korea hit product
      Selected as an Innobiz company
    • 2017Awarded the Grand Prize of Service Satisfaction selected by Consumer
      Selected as a design innovation company
    • 2015The 8th Medical Device Day President's Award for Industrial Badge
    • 2014INNO-BIZ selected as a technologically innovative SME
      Selected as world-class product for venous blood prevention device
    • 2013Selected as a credit guarantee fund star company
      Awarded by Minister of Precision Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
      Presidential Commendation by Democratic and Peaceful Unification Advisory Council
    • 2012Global Small Giants Selected
    • 2011Presidential Commendation

    Official sponsorship of Seoul E-Land FC

    2018 Winning Award

    2017 Selected as a promising design innovation company

    2017 Consumer-picked service satisfaction target

    2017 Anyang Halla Ice Hockey Team officially sponsored

    2015 Presidential Packaging Certificate

    2015 President's Industrial Packaging Ceremony



    Selected as a Tenhundred Company in 2014

    2014 World Class Products Certificate

    2014 Korea Brand Power Awards

    Certification for promising SMEs in 2014

    Monetuday 2013 Excellent Company in Creative Management

    2011 Presidential citation

    2010 ~ 2001

    • 2010Awarded the Governor's Citation for Day of Commerce and Industry by Gyeonggi province
      Acquired Brazilian Anvisa certification
    • 2009Awarded by the Minister of Health and Welfare
    • 2008Daesung MAREF Technology Research Center established
      Received a citation from the Chungbu Regional Tax Service Director
    • 2007Certified as a Promising Small and Medium Business in Kyunggi Province
    • 2006Food and Drug Administration Award
      Medical device quality control standard conformity certification K-GMP
      Certified management innovation type SME
      Best B2B e-Trade Business by KOTRA
    • 2004Selected as a world-class product by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and EnergyNo.2004-319
      Obtained SFDA certification from China FDA
      Won Commendation of the Prime Minister
    • 2003Won Design Award
      Obtained FDA certification from the US FDA
    • 2002 Acquired ISO 9001 / EN13485 certification
      Obtained European CE certification
    • 2001Certified UL and CUL for limb compression therapy machine (Canada, USA)

    2010 Gyeonggi Province Governor's Letter of Honor

    2009 Korea's new growth engine

    2009 Recognition of Health and Welfare

    2006 Food and Drug Administration Letter

    2004 Prime Minister's citation

    2004 Korea Advanced Institute of Technology


    German Medical Devices Fair

    Attend the First International Medical Device Fair

    Dubai Medical Devices Fair

    Join the Chinese Medical Devices Fair

    • 1999Registration of utility model for limb compression circulation therapy machine No.0156589
      Registered DOCTOR LIFE trademark
    • 1994Conversion to Daesung MAREF Co. Ltd.
    • 1986Established Daesung Machinery Company


    1st generation model product demonstration

    1st Generation Life Plus

    Small Business Products Fair

    Initial product development


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대성 大成    마리프 MAREF

We have reflected the future of Daesung MAREF, which is trying to make efforts to promote the health of human beings who have grown up as Korea's leading medical technology.

Daesung Red reflects our love and passion for humanity.


Minimum specification size : 15mm / Sub color: Gray, White, Mint

MAREF's Gray represents faith and trust between the patient, the doctor and the Daesong MAREF, reflecting the accuracy of our medical device manufacturing techniques and our firm beliefs.



Doctor Life Blue means that we reflect our philanthropy that loves every human life including a single life and our spirit of challenge to overcome limitations by breaking our mindsets to develop new medical technology.


Minimum specification size : 30mm